Five Mistakes To Avoid When You're Planning The Menu For Your Wedding

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Making menu selections for the big meal is one of the most important steps in planning out a wedding. It's also one of the most important determining factors in how much wedding guests are going to enjoy the event.

For the best possible meal, you should avoid the following five mistakes when you're devising the menu with the help of a wedding caterer:

Failing to plan and organize your guest list before you start making decisions about your menu

Your guest list is going to help you determine how much food you're going to need as well as what types of dietary restriction you'll need to accommodate. If you know all your guests very well, you know what kind of food options they'll prefer and you'll be better able to set out your menu.

Choosing menu items that are a little risky

When you're planning the menu for a wedding, it's best to go with tried and true entrees and desserts that aren't too out of the ordinary. Stay away from food items like excessively exotic or raw meats that are associated with bouts of food poisoning. You also might want to stay away from recipes with any type of unpasteurized dairy products in them. 

Creating a menu that doesn't allow all of your guests to find an acceptable option

These days, it's pretty much a necessity to give wedding guests some options when it comes to the reception meal. Some of your guests may have dietary restrictions, and they're not going to be able to eat a satisfying meal at your wedding if you don't accommodate them.

You should probably be offering a vegetarian option on the menu. You should also consider offering at least two different meat options. Do your best to accommodate those with certain food allergies, and remember to provide dessert options in addition to entree options if possible.

Failing to set your budget before you select a caterer

Some caterers are going to be more expensive than others. You need to know how much money you're willing to spend on catering for your wedding before you start making choices.

Weddings can get expensive if you don't set out a clear budget when you're planning. This detailed budget should allocate specific amounts of money to the various expenditures involved. 

Leaving personal touches out of the menu

One of the best ways to make a wedding memorable is to add some personal touches. Perhaps you can offer a favorite dessert or cocktail choice that's significant to you as a couple and that will be recognized by many of your guests. 

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