Tips For Buying Colombian Whole Bean Coffee

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Buying fresh coffee lets you taste some amazing flavor that comes straight from the earth. Looking for the world's best coffee requires you to consider tropical locales like beautiful Colombia. Anyone that loves coffee owes it to themselves to grab a bag or two from your local artisan coffee shop, or by ordering it straight from a dealer in the country. In this article, you will learn more about Colombian whole bean coffee so you can buy whatever you'd like.  

Why is Colombian coffee such a great buy?

Colombian coffee is one of the country's biggest exports and a big part of everyday life for natives. The majority of Colombians view coffee as the country's national drink. Many people in Colombia begin consuming it as young as 10 years old, and most drink upward of three cups daily. The reason for this is that coffee in Colombia is fresh and abundant, thanks to the climate and resources. Whole bean coffee also tends to last longer and is packed with lots of health-promoting antioxidants and other valuable nutrients. 

What makes whole bean coffee so delicious and unique?

First and foremost, whole bean coffee is excellent because it packs an eclectic blend of flavor, some of which gets lost when you consume ground coffee. The flavor wheel of coffee stands out more in this natural state, to the point that you may appreciate and notice flavor notes of chocolate, flowers, nuts, and spices. People that love coffee from a connoisseur standpoint swear by coffee beans for this reason, and invest in quality coffee-making machines that can accommodate them.  

How can you buy the best coffee that you can find?

When at all possible, buy whole bean coffee that is clean, organic, and free of pesticides or additives. Find the brands and dealers that cut no corners when it comes to putting quality coffee beans on store shelves. 

Think about how much coffee you drink on a regular basis, and what this means in terms of the amount that you purchase. For instance, you might look into buying a bag of 11 oz Colombian whole bean coffee. Keep your whole beans in an opaque case that has an air-tight seal. Rather than putting it in the refrigerator, keep your beans in a room temperature setting, so that it maintains the proper moisture level and consistency. 

Use these points and reach out to a company that can sell you whatever you'd like.  

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