Ice Serving Tips For A Tropical-Themed Party

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Fresh fruit bowls and custom cocktails may be two of the offerings that you will add to your backyard tropical-themed party's menu. Event ice can be used to create attractive displays that can be used as self-service appetizer and beverage stations. Purchase several bagged or carved ice varieties and set up some homemade serving displays.

Fresh Fruit Centerpieces

Select an ice luge or cubes as the preservation method for the fruit that will be used to create colorful centerpieces. If you opt for the luge method, order ice blocks that each possess a hollowed-out section that can be used to support sliced or whole fruits that will be offered as appetizers. If you plan on serving small pieces of fruit, use wooden sticks to create skewers that contain several different varieties of fruit.

Rest the skewers inside of each luge's interior chamber and set one luge in the center of each table that your invitees will be seated at. If you choose cubes instead of large blocks of ice, fill waterproof containers with cubes of ice and nestle the whole fruits or slices on top of each bed of ice. Each bowl of fruit can be added to a table and will add color and interest to the outdoor furnishings.

A Boat Or A Pool Beverage Center

Use lettering, cardboard cutouts, and craft paint to decorate a waterproof tub, so that it resembles a sailboat or a swimming pool. Order bagged ice and fill the tub with cubes or chips. Purchase some bottled beverages and set them inside of the decorated tub. If you plan on creating some cocktail mixes that will be offered to your guests, fill a pitcher with each beverage variety and place the pitchers on the tables. Use a separate waterproof tub as an ice cube or chip holder. Place a scoop or a shovel inside of the tub.

A Refill Transport Method

When you place your order for event ice, request to have it delivered to your address. Store most of the bags of ice inside of a freezer unit. Bring the remaining bags of ice and the luges outdoors and begin setting up each display that will be used for the centerpieces and self-service stations. A cart or a wheelbarrow can be used to transport ice products. During the event, keep an eye on the status of the ice and transport more ice outdoors when needed.

For more information, contact an event ice service in your area.

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