A Combi Oven May Be A Good Investment For Your Restaurant

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A convection oven and a steamer are two pieces of commercial restaurant equipment noted for cooking food evenly and quickly. If you don't have space or money to invest in full-size models, purchasing a combi oven is an alternative that will provide the same results. 

How A Combi Oven Works

A combi oven contains a racking system that is designed to hold metal trays or pans of food. Fans circulate while food is being cooked. When a steam function is activated, moisture is added to the interior chamber. Moisture will reduce shrinkage during the cooking process.

Combi ovens are gas or electric-powered. A digital or manual control panel will allow an operator to choose an exact temperature and cooking time for food. A pressurized door will remain closed throughout the cooking process and will not open until the cooking cycle has ended.

Combi ovens contain double-paned glass. The double layer will prevent heat from accumulating on the outside of a unit and possibly causing an injury to a person who is preparing food.

How A Combi Oven Can Be Beneficial

Many restaurant owners encounter busy rushes that require all of their staff to take on a larger workload than they typically do. On occasions when someone calls in sick, keeping up with all of the customers' orders can be difficult. If there aren't enough trained staff present, some menu items may not be cooked as well as they normally are.

A combi oven can prepare food items quickly and accurately. Extensive training is not necessary to operate this type of oven. The even heating system that a standard convection oven possesses is utilized in a combi oven. Meats, pizzas, fries, fish, and vegetables that are cooked with a dry or steam heat process will possess an even color and consistency. 

What Type Of Model To Purchase

Combi ovens range in size and may support a few small pans of food or many large pans of food. Some models are stackable. This means that you can build upon a unit if the initial oven component that you purchase isn't large enough to handle cooking tasks.

A standard floor model oven that consists of a single unit will contain a vertical racking system that is large enough for hotel-sized metal pans of food. A smaller tabletop model will be large enough for a few smaller pans of food.

Assess the number of orders that your restaurant staff typically handles and consider the amount of space in the kitchen. Purchase a unit that can handle the orders and that will easily fit within the kitchen space.

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